Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Treats

Today I went to Jorg's. There was a lot going on because Gillette Stadium gets some of their food for their fancy seating from Jorg's. Jorg is bringing out some samples for them tomorrow, but today we were all making some of those samples. I don't remember everything that I did because you know you go to a new place and do new things it can be hard to remember every single thing that I did. Also, I might start one project, but somebody else would finish it, or somebody else would start something and I would finish it.

One of the samples was a S'mores tart treat, so I filled some graham cracker-flavored tart crusts with some chocolate ganache. I learned that you could put stainless steel in the microwave as long as it doesn't touch the sides, which is useful to know and the method I used to melt the ganache. Once I put the ganache in the shells, I put them in the freezer. Once they were done freezing, I took them out and put lots of mini marshmallows on them. They went into the oven until the marshmallows browned. This picture is of the S'mores before they were cooked.

I made some biscuits for a strawberry shortcake. After those went into the oven, I cut out some dough for something. I'm not quite sure what they were for though. At some point during the day, I helped grease cake pans and cut out paper circles for the bottom. I learned how to fold the paper and cut it so that you got a nice circle shape. It was really simple and easy, and it fit the pan really well.

I also made some more pecan tart filling, though I didn't fill the tarts this time. To the right, you can see a picture of a finished tart covered with powdered sugar. These were for some sort of special order, I think. Two of the other interns there this month decorated and plated cookies, which tasted really good, since if something breaks or gets messed up, you can eat it. There were also some pistachio chocolate muffin/cupcake goodies that didn't really come out of the pan that well, so we got to eat some of those as well.

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  1. Dear Lily,I have just signed in to a gmail account so that I can "post" on your blog. I was not able to until now and I will go back and make comments on your other entries. As I said in Boston, this is such a wonderful gig and I am so jealous. I loved your tip about being able to put stainless steel in the microwave. It will really be a great help to me. I hope you are saving the pecan tart filling recipe as I love pecans and always have a big bag in the freezer. And lastly, save the ganache recipe too. I am sure you are too busy to keep a list of all the items I want to know about so I will keep a list myself and send it to you before Prout's. If you are ever allowed to bring a friend, think of me!!!
    lots of love, Aunt Deborah