Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Almost Over

Today was my penultimate day at Jorg's. It didn't seem totally busy. When I arrived, Jorg and Jess were making a delivery (so they were not around) at Harvard since they got to make desserts for Harvard graduation. As for what I did once I arrived, I got to help make cake batter and sugar dough and some savory tart shells. They keep most of their recipes in a book called the "Bible". They keep other recipes on index cards. Because they usually make large quantities of product, the recipes usually call for something like, 5+ lbs butter or some large amount like that.

When making the cake batter, they add the wet ingredients bit by bit so that the dough/batter whips up more and becomes fluffier and lighter. Unlike the cake batter, sugar dough should not be fluffy, so you try not to over mix it.

Another intern made lunch today. It was alfredo pasta with shrimp and bruchetta. It was very tasty. I even tried a shrimp, and I realized I still don't really like shrimp that much. Usually everybody eats lunch around noon. If there's a phone call or somebody enters the store, somebody will leave the lunch table (we usually all eat around one table) and deal with the call or customer.

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