Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Green Thumb Helps Me Grow My Plants

Except that my thumb is actually red, and it helps me crack 100 eggs (not the red part, just the thumb). I'm still amazed at how many eggs it takes to make large batches of food. Along with the 100 eggs that I got to crack, I got to unwrap 27 pounds of butter for one recipe (a different one from the eggs). That is a crazy amount of butter!

Today, I was able to stay at Jorg's for the whole day because I didn't have sailing practice, so I was able to do a lot of cool things. I used the eggs for a flour-less chocolate cake batter. I'm not quite sure what happened to it after I added all the ingredients into the giant mixer bowl.

I learned a lot today. First, I learned how to use the roller machine. I forget what's it's called already, but it has a simple name. I got to roll out dough for making tart shells.

Second, I learned how to make fondant decorations, such as leaves, baby clothing, and mini-flowers. To make the leaves (pictured left) I rolled a small ball of fondant into a cone shape. I placed it into the mold, and pressed down really hard. Then I took out the leaf-shaped piece of fondant and placed it on the cookie sheet with a little curviness so that it looked more realistic. I got to use the roller machine to roll out some of the fondant for the baby clothing (not pictured). I used cookie cutters to cut out pants, shirts, onesies, bibs, skirts, hats, and buttons. To get a round-ish shape for the button, I placed a piece of plastic wrap over the fondant, and then used to cookie cutter.

Third, I learned how to use the air brush, which is how I got the red thumb. If you get the air brush die on your finger, you're supposed to use Windex to wipe it off because water makes it stain your skin, something I didn't know until after I washed my hands. The air brush is really fun to use, though I think I need some more practice to get better at it. I air brushed the red/pink rim around the frosting on these cupcakes (pictured left, not the finished product). I also air brushed the fondant baby clothes and mini-flowers.

I took more pictures of displays and setup of Jorg's, but I'm going to save them for another day when I don't have as many pictures. There is probably other stuff that I did today that I've forgot about.

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