Friday, May 14, 2010


Jorg does desserts for a lot of fancy events. The next one he's doing/planning is for a donor dinner at BC (people who donate 5 million dollars or more). He gets to do the centerpiece, which is music-themed because the Boston Pops are going to be at the event. I got to cut some shapes out for a model of the showpiece, which you can see in the picture. He's still deciding between two ideas for the piece, but he's going to make models of both and then see which one he likes more.

I also boxed some mini-pastries for some orders. Because there were more mini-pastries than needed, I got to take some home and put some out on display to sell. There were 8 different kinds of mini-pastry, which I will tell you about.

Staring from the back left going clockwise: We have a chocolate cookie with a raspberry filling-ball on top. Raspberry jam decorates the top with an air-brushed chocolate chip.
Next, we have another cookie dipped in chocolate (I believe) with buttercream filling and a lemon flavored candy on top. This cookie is one of my favorite cookies. It's really light, and the buttercream is really yummy.
Then we have a tart filled with chocolate ganache with more chocolate powdered on top. I'm not quite sure what the creme swirl is, but it tastes like buttercream.
After that we have a flour-less chocolate cake on top of a cake or a cookie, not quite sure which.
Next we have a cake with raspberry and buttercream with a raspberry candy on top. This dessert is really good, and if you're ever at Jorg's and they have it for sale, I'd buy a piece, or two.
Continuing on, we have a pistachio cake on top of some chocolate and a cake or cookie, like the flour-less chocolate cake. This cake is also really good.
Then we have a lemon meringue tart (I got to put the ingredients together to make the meringue).
Finally, we have the cupcakes that I air-brushed and decorated yesterday. I can't quite tell what flavor they are, but the cake is pink!

Anyways, Jorg is a nice man for letting me take home some of these mini-pastries.

I watched cakes being decorated. Sean, the guy in charge of doing the cakes, is really good at decorating them. It was really cool to watch him make flowers out of frosting and then put them on the cake. He's really fast at it as well. I got to help him by formatting and printing out a diploma that was going onto a cake.


  1. Dear Lily, can I book you now for my lesson on "mini-pastries" and decorating? They all look scrumptious." Keep on cooking and writing. Love, D.

  2. I agree, the two cookies with the lemon buttercream filling was one of the yummiest of the extra pastries you brought home! xxxMama

  3. nyumnyumnyum bring some to Prout's please :)