Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Day at Jorg's

This morning, I drove out to Truly Jorg's in Saugus. It didn't take too long to get out there. Everybody at Jorg's was extremely nice and fun to be around (just like at BU). Truly Jorg's is not just a cake decorating store, so I'm going to be doing other things than decorate cakes. There's a retail portion, a wholesale portion, and a catering portion to the shop, though the catering portion is not as publicized. Jorg and the other chefs at the store make and sell all sorts of yummy desserts, such as cupcakes, tea cookies, novelty cookies, and pastries (such as eclairs). They make their cakes to order.

I was able to start doing stuff basically right away which was really nice, especially since some places (I believe) make you sit and watch for the first day you're there. To start off, we made a list of things that needed to be made and then we started making the items on the list.

Chocolate Ganache
The first thing was chocolate ganache. Ganache is basically chocolate and cream. It tasted really good. We made a huge bowl of it, so much that it fit into 5 containers. To the right is a picture of 3 of those containers. We also rolled out some sugar dough with this machine which had a conveyor belt and a flattener that could be adjusted depending on how flat/thin you wanted your dough to be. From that dough, we use a cookie cutter to cut out circles that we put into tart shell molds. We made a big tart shell and lots of smaller ones. Some of the tart shells were going to be used for fruit tarts and the others we made into pecan tarts. I mixed up some pecan filling and we poured it into some of the small shells. I had to leave before they came out of the oven.

Decorating Cookies
There was so much other stuff going on at the same time. Some people were working on cakes, another person was working on pastries, and another person was decorating cookies, which is what you see in the picture on the left.


  1. You will be in top culinary form by the time you get to Maine! I will bring my appetite. Also, this is my new favourite blog.

  2. Oh, Lily, I just want to go swimming in a tub of ganache. Looks so yummy! love, D.