Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I showed Jorg my blog today during lunch. He then decided he wanted to start a blog as well, to which I'll provide a link, if he actually starts one. I'm not sure what the best free blogging site is (something that Jorg wanted to know). I'm using Blogspot/Blogger because it was the only one I knew of when I started. My school uses Wordpress, and I'm supposed to post on their blog every once in awhile. Jorg also thinks that I write a lot, so I'm going to keep it short this time.

As for the food I dealt with today, I melted and poured some chocolate into some moulds. Then I worked in what some people termed "The Fondant Factory" with one of the other interns. I got to make fondant sea-shells and sea creatures. Basically anything ocean themed. The fondant didn't really like to come out of the moulds (even though everything was floured and everything). I think that I've been spelling "mould" like "mold" in previous posts, but I'm not sure which on is correct.

The people at Jorg's are nice but somewhat crazy (in a good way). Sean told me today that you have to be somewhat crazy to work in a pastry shop. Luckily I like somewhat crazy people (they're more interesting than non-crazy people), so I like working in a pastry shop.

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