Saturday, May 29, 2010

The End

Today I made some lemon coconut bars and blondies. Both required sugar and eggs. If you mix sugar and eggs together for too long, the sugar burns the eggs and then you get lumps of egg in the batter (which is not good), so you try not to mix it too much. You mix it until everything is mixed together. I also boxed four types of brownies: plain, ganache-covered, raspberry jam-covered, and mocha buttercream-covered. I was able to taste some, and they were pretty good.

This is a picture of the kitchen at Jorg's. There's two fridges, but only one is on at the moment to conserve energy. There's a freezer in the back of the picture (which is actually the front of the store since I took it as I was leaving out the back). There are two little sections of the kitchen, the cake section and pastry section. The sections are just areas where most of the cakes or pastries are done. There's a store room in the back as well as Jorg's office. Out front, there's the retail portion of the store. There's also a room full of pictures of cakes and desserts and giant checks Jorg has won doing Food Network Challenges.

I am officially done with all of my internships. I still have to do the final reflection and presentation, but that shouldn't take too long. Everything went by so quickly and I'll miss it all since I had so much fun this month.

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  1. Thank you Lily for sharing your adventure with food over the last few weeks. I can't wait to try and sample some of the things you have described.

    What will be the subject of your next blog?