Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Airbrushing and Fondant

Went to Jorg's again today. I'm not going to be at BU until Friday this week. The first thing I did when I got there was to air-brush some chocolate buttons a sparkly gold color. After I air-brushed those, I airbrushed some 125 medallions for the center-piece that BC wants. There were 2 medallions that had 125 written on them, not 125 separate medallions. They were also painted gold. I also air-brushed some treble clefs gold as well. Finally, I air-brushed some f-holes black. And that concludes my air-brushing experience today.

The other thing I did today was make fondant seals and squares for diplomas. The seals were circular and had a fancy floral design on it (leaf-like branches, swirls, etc). It was a square mold, but we wanted circular seals, so we had to use a circular cookie cutter to cut it. Basically, I just took a ball of fondant, and pressed it into the mold. For the squares, there was just a square piece of cardboard that I placed on top of some rolled out fondant. I used a pizza cutter to cut out the square.

I wasn't there that long today, so I didn't do much else. Maybe just some small things, like wrapping the base for the center piece in black decorative foil (it's just like wrapping a present). Today Jorg went to BC (Boston College) to present his idea for the center piece, so he brought along some samples. I did not go with him, so I'm not sure how it went.

There are 3 other interns working at Jorg's. 2 of them are also in high school and one of them is in culinary school, so I'm not the only intern there. Then there's Sean, who is in charge of all the cakes. I think I've mentioned him before. Finally there is Jess, who is the pastry chef. You can see Jorg, Sean, and Jess on the Food Network Challenge. They've been in a lot of episodes, but I know that they've all been in the city one (they make Boston). You could probably find a clip or the full episode somewhere online if you ever wanted a visual representation of them.

I'm not quite sure what else to talk about... I feel like one day I'm going to type "desert" instead of "desserts" without catching myself (I make this mistake quite frequently, but I usually fix it).

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