Monday, May 24, 2010


Today was a BU day. Another Cooking Up Cultures (I might have said "With" before, but the abbreviation is CUC so "Up" makes more sense than "With"), this time Peru. The desired menu: Ceviche on a salad with potatoes, hard boiled eggs and a sauce, and rice pudding for dessert. The actual menu: A salad with potatoes, hard boiled egg and a sauce, and rice pudding for dessert. Where is the ceviche?! There was a problem with the vendor, so the fish never came... Of course, the everybody was extremely upset since they had called on Friday confirming a delivery of fish on Monday morning at 9am and then at 9am when the fish had not been delivered they had been told that it was coming, and it didn't (at least not until after 12pm once the class was basically over).

Ceviche is basically pickled fish. Normally, the fish sits in the sauce (like lime juice) for an hour, but if you cut up the pieces small enough, they only have to sit for 15 minutes. So, instead of making ceviche today, I peeled a lot of hard boiled eggs and cut them into quarters for the salad. I then cut the potatoes into disks. Since we were making food for 50 people, there were a lot of eggs (I didn't count) and lots of potatoes.

For any of you who are wondering what BU looks like, the above picture shows the room in which most of the classes are held (where the kids and chef doing the demo are). There is a kitchen in the back of the room (usually where I am). This is also the room which the noodle class was in. As you can see, there is a mirror above the counter on which the chef works. The mirror is so that everybody can see what the chef is doing without crowding around the counter. It's a very cool setup.

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  1. And as I found out later, the fish never arrived, even after I left at noon. They ended up serving tuna fish out of a can. They said it was a disaster.

    Just in case anybody wondered how they dealt with the situation.