Friday, May 28, 2010

Final Day at BU; 1 More Day

My grandmother wants me to post some pictures of the places I'm working at so people can get a better image of what i'm describing and stuff like that. These three pictures are of the kitchen at BU. This first one is of the store-room where they keep all of the utensils, knifes, spices, pots, and anything else you might need (that's not refrigerated).

These next pictures are of 2 of the 3 bays in the kitchen. There is a lot of counter space. There are counters, sinks, fridges, and stoves in each bay. The dishwashing station is along the side of the whole kitchen. You can see it along the edge (under the window) in the last picture. Everything is very shiny and it's usually nicely air conditioned.

Today was my last day at BU for my project. I'm planning on going back for during the summer a bit. Rebecca was extremely nice and let me take home a couple of cookbooks, which I'm very excited about using and reading. I took home a book about baking, a book about dumplings (seasonal ones), and Jacques Pepin's autobiography which contains some recipes as well. But today was a Cooking Up Cultures: Spain class. They made this really good tortilla which wasn't really a tortilla (at least not the kind I usually think of). It was made out of potatoes and egg. It was really good, especially with this Asian hot sauce. I cut those into 8ths and plated them. There was also some paella which I did not have made with sea food (mussels and something else I believe). For dessert there was flan which I tasted for the first time today. It's a yummy food. First I took the flans out of the pans and strained some of the extra caramel sauce into a pitcher. I cut the flan into 12ths and plated those. I poured the strained sauce over the plated flan.

Tomorrow is my last day at Jorg's. The month has gone by so quickly it seems. I've had a lot of fun, and I'm glad that I was invited back to BU since it's a really nice place with really friendly people.

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  1. Dear Lily,
    It really has gone by so quickly! I hope that we can make some of the yummy food that you have been baking here and at Jorg's when we are at Prout's. If there is anything "special" that is needed and you think I might have, let me know. Love, Deborah